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Bordered by the Channel of Sicily to the south and by the provinces of Caltanissetta, Catania and Siracusa from west to east, the province of Ragusa has a mainly mountainous territory which is almost entirely covered by the Iblean Mountains; this is why is often referred to as the Iblean area; the highest peak, the Lauro Mount, rises up to 986 meters. A flat area, being the main agricultural resource, stretches in the northern reaches of the province: it is the valley of the Ippari river, where the cities of Acate, Vittoria and Comiso have grown.

The Iblean landscape is rather dry and rocky, the grounds being richest in limestone. Nonetheless, especially during the spring, it is able to offer the amazing colors of a wild and harsh beauty. The countryside is often crossed by gorges resulting from the rivers’ erosion throughout the centuries.

The construction of dams on the Acate, Mazzarrone and Irminio rivers have resulted in precious reserves of water, in an effort to solve what has been a deep-rooted problem for the entire island. The province’s vegetation, varying according to the altitude, is largely Mediterranean. Oaks and plane-trees grow especially in the mountainside; while the oleander, the fig-tree, the acanthus, the caper, reeds and, most of all, the carob-tree can be found in the plain areas. The fauna, not very abundant because of the intense deforestation of the past centuries, is mainly comprised of wild rabbit, weasel and winged animals in the mountain side, rare birds like the pink flamingo, the soon-bill and the osprey in the marshy areas (notably near the dams), and several species of sea-gulls on the coast.

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by cold winters and hot and dry summers in the mountainous and inland areas; while the coast is milder and more humid.


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